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Emma's Three Kingdoms pub

Published onFeb 04, 2021
Emma's Three Kingdoms pub

I'm using this space to test out some of my visualizations.

Please see my timeline of key events, up to the Battle at Red Cliffs:

Timeline made with TimelineJS

Here is another visualization of the same events, in a vertical format. Which do you prefer? Please leave me comments.

In this storymap, I show the locations of these events on a map:

Made with StorymapJS

JuxtaposeJS is a clever tool that allows you to juxtapose two images. Below, see how two artists, one Chinese and one Japanese, imagined the famous oath of the three heroic brothers in the peach orchard:

Made with JuxtaposeJS

You can also make collections of images using Microsoft Sway:

Three Kingdoms has been a favorite topic for artists throughout East Asia.

What else would you like to see here? Please leave comments in the comments box.

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